Practical Engineering

Soft jaws are not cheap, so this will save money and also mean I won't be thinking should I machine the last diameter I have used. As the sacrificial hexagon is cheap and readily available this will be a good addition to the workshop.

Two edges machined. One set have been macined to enable the eccentric cam locks for the D1-4 locks and the other to hold the 5/16" UNC bolts on the same project.

 The standard soft jaws machined to take the bolt on hexagon sacrificial jaw.

The jaws can be bolted  in the four positions depending on the diameter of work being machined.

The replaceable jaws can be made different lengths and has six corners that can be bored or turned.

Virgin jaws in place ready for the first job. A back plate has been ordered so it can be mounted to the Myford ML10 lathe. 

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