Practical Engineering

About us

I have been interested in engineering for over 30 years and have a intrest in road steam engines. I have been building models for the last 25 years but have yet to finish a model due to the fact I can not paint for toffee. The main reason for creating this site is to help people who have the same intrest as me but not necessarily model making but practical engineering. I used to be an apprentice instructor and I often shared my experiences within the home workshop with the apprentices, so I would like them to see the progression of the many projects I have underway and hope this will help their own training as a good reference source to support their practical skills.

Good news I have overcome my fear of painting thanks to the help of a very good friend. So Emma Jane my 5" gauge Sweetpea loco has been painted and steamed for the first time (5/5/2012) there are some minor teething problems that need addressing but overal it was great to see one of my engines finally come alive in steam.

For more pictures please view the Sweetpea loco tab. 

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