Practical Engineering

Welcome to my web site which you can follow all types of projects I have built or currently working on. I hope this site will be helpful and informative and I will try to update on a regular basis.


I have added a email address in contact us.


Machining chimney saddle using home made in line boring bar on the lathe. See Foden chimney saddle link for more photos.

I have several projects I have been working on which include a 5" gauge Sweetpea Loco, 2" scale Clayton wagon, 1" Minnie Traction Engine and a 3" scale Foden Steam Wagon.

Sweetpea (Emma Jane) Now painted and the first steam test completed 05/05/2012. Sweetpea rolling test bed is a must have item when steam testing. For further pictures please go to Sweetpea loco page. 

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